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Under This Roof (تحت هذا السقف)

Qumra Projects

/ TV Series / Lebanon
In Arabic
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Nadim Asmar’s celebration rally of his presidential candidacy is interrupted when seventy-year-old Samiya bypasses crowds of supporters and stabs him with a kitchen knife. Nadim survives, and Samiya is captured and beaten mercilessly. Samiya’s failed attempt reveals a lifelong struggle in an environment that values power and money over human dignity. Samiya has been searching for her missing husband for over 40 years, believed to be kidnapped by a militia group that was commanded by Nadim himself back in the Lebanese civil war. Her story is intertwined with the stories of a journalist who sacrifices her career to bring out Samiya’s truth, an idealist war photographer suffering from PTSD, an ex-guerrilla soldier on his deathbed riddled with regret, an organization for the families of missing persons on a wild goose chase, a lawyer who breaks the law to bring justice, an activist disillusioned by peaceful protests, and the hopeless prisoners who share Samiya’s cell. Meanwhile, an official police report accuses Samiya of collaborating with foreign intelligence agencies to spark conflict. While Nadim gains support for his candidacy, an opposition begins to rise, inspired by the persona of Samiya as the guiding light. Is change coming? Or is the struggle for dignity forever doomed to fail under this roof?

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