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Under the Lemon Tree

Qumra Projects

/ Short Documentary / Palestine, Qatar / 2020
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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An exiled Palestinian woman partakes in a humble fireside repast under a lemon tree that takes her backwards through the decades to her homeland.

In this documentary, we spend a day under the shade of a lemon tree with a Palestinian woman named Khaldieh, who was abruptly exiled from her hometown of Tulkarem in 1967. Preparing herself a humble breakfast of za'atar and inhaling the smell of sage, she recreates her homeland through an assemblage of simple elements. Though they may seem trivial, for many Palestinians they are among the only tangible pieces of their lost homeland that they still possess.

She retreats into her memories of early life in Palestine and, taking the viewer with her, gives voice to her deep longing for her land and home, while reminiscing on the hardships of exile, the things she experienced, witnessed and lost. She unfolds the trauma of her sudden expulsion from the town she and all her ancestors grew up in. Holding onto a mere key to their home, she shares with us the pain of leaving her house for the last time, which she relates to her constant dreams of return.

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