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The Wind Blew On

Qumra Projects

/ Feature Narrative / Iceland, Qatar, Spain, France, Chile / 2022
In English, Spanish
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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“Perhaps I’m already dead?” says the child, and no one will confirm if this is true or false. He is on a journey; events having strayed from their course without anyone knowing why or how. He makes his way through unsettling landscapes, through memory and imagination and through ruins where he plays. In this mythical landscape, this child can no longer rely on reality for truth, so he must continue searching. As he journeys through these strange lands, he encounters a range of enigmatic figures who are threatening and welcoming in turn, who teach him how to become who he is. As the half-remembered fragments of the past return to this child, ‘The Wind Blew On’ shows us scenes of a life lived after the end of the world, and the eternal search for an escape from fate. This is a story about a future world where lines between memory, fate and imagination are blurred. This child must face a world that is desolate and frightening, but ultimately still hold moments of beauty. In this world the adults lose hope, so this child must create his own hope and future.

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