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The Swinging Chandelier (El Nagafa)

Qumra Projects

Karim Emara / Short Narrative / Qatar
In Arabic
Interests: About Family, Comedy, Coming of age, Middle Eastern
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Ameen struggled to afford his newlywed life for months after losing his job due to the pandemic. As a result, he was forced to stay with his needy in-laws, who constantly criticized his every move. After months of unnecessary comments and being looked down on, Ameen and his wife, Farah, decided to move into Ameen’s deceased parents’ house. As Ameen actively continued his search for jobs, moving into the run-down apartment has not been easy. As hopeless as could be, Ameen receives a phone call one day, and to his surprise, he gets asked in for an online job interview at 2:00 pm sharp. However, as Ameen searches for his laptop charger amongst dozens of moving boxes, he is paid a sudden visit by his in-laws, who are appalled by the deserted state of the house. His mother-in-law, a germaphobe by nature, goes around cleaning and unpacking boxes, whilst his father-in-law finds it crucial to fix an unstable chandelier hanging from the ceiling, asking for Ameen’s help along the way and consequently hindering his ability to attend his job interview on time. Will Ameen defy the obstacles? Or will his need to please his in-laws get the best of him?

About the Director

Karim Emara is an Egyptian producer and director. He was born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in the United States, and currently majors in Communications at Northwestern University in Qatar. Karim found joy in drawing smiles on others’ faces, from comedic YouTube sketches to funded short films—Karim realized his true passion for filmmaking. He began his journey as Omar in ‘How to Get Over A Heartbreak’ (2018) which was one of the films that were nominated for Best International Film at the Shorties Film Festival. He recently produced a short film based in Lebanon, ‘Bayt El Omor’ (2020), and has written & directed shorts in the past, such as ‘Noir Blanc Et Rouge’ (2016), ‘El License’ (2019), and ‘Hot Pink!’ (2019). He is currently in the post-production phase of his new comedy film, ‘The Swinging Chandelier’.


Karim Emara
Karim Emara
Lojaina Gomaa

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