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The Other Wife (Al Okhra)

Qumra Projects

Meriem Mesraoua / Feature Narrative / Qatar, France / 0 min
In Arabic, French
Interests: Drama, Social Issues, Identity, Women Issues
Rated: Mature subject matter. Not suitable for minors. Individuals under the age of 18 are not admitted into cinemas.

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Despite clinging fiercely to her status as wife and mother, Salima does not want to go through another pregnancy and so sacrifice another 20 years of her life. When she observes her husband displaying the first signs of yearning for a child, Salima takes the situation into her own hands and determines that a secondary wife is the only solution. She dictates all the terms of the union and the agreed-upon childbearer’s upcoming move into their home, ensuring total control over the new pairing... or so she thinks. Salima finds she must now put re-emerging emotions aside, all the while sharing her haven with the woman who will soon claim her status of main wife. Bereft of the identities she has amassed over the years, Salima realises she can no longer live under the umbrella of worn-out social principles, but instead must write her own future as a woman.

About the Director

Of Algerian origin, Meriem Mesraoua was born in Qatar, raised in France and earned a BSc with Honours in Media Industries and Technologies from Northwestern University. Mesraoua explored various facets of the film industry and gained professional experience at Miramax, NYWIFT, film sets and festivals, amongst others. Her short films are ‘Coucou’ (2009) and ‘Our Time Is Running Out’ (2017). She is currently working on a new short titled ‘Tainted’ and developing her first feature-length project, ‘The Other Wife’.


Meriem Mesraoua
Meriem Mesraoua
François d’Artemare
Production Company
Les Films de l’Après-Midi


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