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The Cave (Al kahf)

Qumra Projects

/ Feature Documentary / Syria, Denmark, United States of America, Qatar
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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To escape the ongoing aerial bombardment on hospitals and chemical weapon attacks that killed many victims, some of the medical staff in Syria were forced to establish hidden subterranean hospitals in order to save the lives of their patients and avoid losses in medical staff and equipment. Alghouta in Damascus was the grounds of several such attacks with chemical weapons, with the staff there establishing a subterranean refuge, named “The Cave”. Dr Amani was elected as the managing director of the hospital where she works with her colleagues, Dr Alaa and nurse Samaher, as well as 18 other women from a staff of 80 people. They all face death daily as they try to save the lives of the people of their town and to isolate and fortify the hospital against further attack.

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