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SKATEISTAN - Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul

MIA Exhibition Series – presented by DFI

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

/ Feature Documentary / Germany, United States of America / 2011
Qatar Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.

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‘SKATEISTAN – Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ ticket holders have access to the earlier screening of 'Buzkashi Boys'. All listed screening times account for the full program (both screenings), if you are interested in ‘SKATEISTAN – Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ ONLY, the film will screen 45 minutes after the listed start time.

‘Skateistan - Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ follows the founders of Afghanistan’s first skate school and their attempts to transform the community of war-torn Kabul with little more than skateboards and a love for the street. Children from across the city frequent the local skate spot, teaching each other the ropes, while Skateistan, a not-for-profit organisation, experiences the challenges of building Kabul’s first skate park and encouraging boys and girls to get on a skateboard – and in the process break down social, ethnic and class barriers. The film provides a refreshing glimpse of war-weary Afghanistan, unearthing the wealth of joy and potential in the country’s children, and was awarded the Cinema for Peace Foundation’s Most Valuable Documentary of the Year award in 2011.