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Revenge Knows Nothing (الانتقام لا يعرف شيئا)

Qumra Projects

/ Short Narrative / Qatar / 2021
In English
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with injustice and selfish human actions. 'Revenge Knows Nothing' combines two stories in a creative manner showcasing the effects of these actions on its victims—human or otherwise. A helpless child witnesses the horrific actions of war criminals as they destroy his village and kill his beloved family. At the same time, a baby elephant enjoys his last moments before animal poachers attack his mother and kill her for her valuable tusks in front of him. Witnessing these horrific life-changing actions, both the child and baby elephant lose their inner peace and childhood, which is replaced with hate and anger they must carry for the rest of their lives.

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