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Paper Plane (Taiara Waraa)

Qumra Projects

/ Student Short Narrative / Egypt / 2019
In Arabic
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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In a sixth-grade classroom, Noor sees a kite outside the school walls and sketches it, ignoring the lesson. Her teacher, Sister Caroline, punishes Noor. Zayn, a new student walks in and joins the tense classroom. With only both of them in the classroom during the break, Noor writes her punishment on the school board, while a bored Zayn looks through Noor’s notebook, which is filled with kite sketches. Zayn then draws a kite on the board which Noor finishes. Both girls go to the courtyard, where they concoct a plan to make the kite. First, they sneak into Sister Caroline’s office to steal her keys to the art room, which has the material they need. They nearly finish the kite, when Sister Caroline walks in. Sacrificing herself, Zayn pushes Noor behind the cupboard. The nun breaks the kite and sends Zayn to the detention room. In detention, three nuns watch Zayn as she holds the “Book of Rules” with locked arms. Noor calls Zayn from outside the window where she holds a patched-up kite; the same kite they made together.

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