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Omar La Fraise

Qumra Projects

/ Feature Narrative / Algeria, France, Qatar
In French
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Omar Zerrouki, better known by his street name Omar la Fraise, is an old school gangster. Forced to flee from France to Algiers, he now lives off petty scams alongside with his sidekick Krimo. But the axe falls: the French courts sentence him to 20 years of jail time. To stay in Algiers, away from French prisons, Omar must now clean up his act. But so far he has known little else than a life of crime and violence: transitioning to normal human relations governed by a social contract and healthy communication will be easier said than done. Not to mention earning an honest living. Omar manages to find a job in a pastry factory. But quiet daily routine is not Omar’s way: deprived of the adrenaline of his former life, he relapses and starts mixing with a gang of violent kids from the streets of Algiers. Factory boss by day, thug by night: Omar thinks he has found some kind of balance to cope with this newfound life on the straight path... until he meets Samia. As he will discover, violence and petty crime are incompatible with love. The death of his friend Krimo will make him aware of his vital need for change. With the help of Samia, Omar will finally free himself.

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