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Ode to Loneliness

Qumra Projects

Short Documentary / Lebanon, Qatar / 2021
In (none), No Dialogue
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Dreaming of the city, she gets lost in intricate geometries. Sharp edges of buildings etch her skin silently, chiselling the limits of her consciousness, altering her perception of distance and scale, redefining intimacy and sensuality. Rhythms, towers, workers, sunsets, sunrises, night-time and dream-time alternate and repeat and get lost one in another endlessly. Slowly, she becomes an image of her former self. Slowly she grows older. She once wanted something, but she forgot what it was. Trapped in time, she waits and watches life pass by below her feet, lest some of it visits her abode. Housed in aloneness, in the perimeter of a cube, the architects build memories that only boredom could destroy. The city enters the house in all its details. From macro to micro, a constant flow of adaptation has to happen. The limit between the house and the city, the city and the body, the body and the dream, the dream and her, gets blurred. Nothing is real, yet all is artificial. From her window, from her house with a view, with some clothes, some objects, a routine, and a deep desire to feel, she escapes. The night comes, silently a door opens, and she walks away. The house is a body that flies.

Created in DFI’s Short Documentary Lab with Rithy Panh.

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