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My Father's House (منزل والدي)

Qumra Projects

/ Feature Documentary / Denmark, United Kingdom, Palestine, Qatar
In Arabic, Danish, English
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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In 2012, two weeks after ‘A World Not Ours’ was completed, my father died at the age of 59. He didn’t leave much behind—only a rusty Mercedes and a few thousand dollars in a bank account in Lebanon. But he did leave behind an old Samsonite full of photographs from his youth, and boxes filled with videotapes from the past 11 years of his life. In 2009, my father went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, apparently on a spiritual journey, though he was mostly interested in filming. Eventually, someone had had enough and confronted my father, “Do you think you’re on a safari trip?”— “No”, my father had replied, “This is footage for my son”. What did my father want to tell me with his recordings? And who was my father, really, in the time before I was born in Dubai, and after my parents’ divorce in Denmark? This is a personal story about memory, exile, about a father and his son, and a family bond through three generations. An expansion of the universe from my first feature, ‘A World Not Ours’.

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