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Qumra Projects

/ Unknown / Qatar
In Arabic
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Fatima, a tall and curly haired young girl, sleeps peacefully with her nightlight on. The beat of a drum is heard outside as the MS7AR (em-sa-har), an old hunchbacked mystical man with a Kufiyyah on his shoulder, wakes everyone up for Suhoor before the call to dawn prayer. Colours fly out of his drum and paint the desaturated world. Fatima is woken up by the drums, takes her younger brother and touches the rainbow road. She learns that her grandma is “asleep” after seeing her father crying. Grandma’s door gets darker and splinters. Fatima tries to capture the Ms7ar to wake her grandma up, but she is too late to catch him as he fades to dust. The next night, she sets up camp outside of the house in an attempt to capture the Ms7ar again, but her fear of the dark gets the better of her. Fatima then sees her mom vacuum up dust and gets an idea about how she can apprehend the Ms7ar once and for all.

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