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Jet Set Arabia

Qumra Projects

/ TV Series / Qatar
In Arabic, English
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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In ‘Jet Set Arabia’, we will follow along on the journey of what it takes to become a contemporary social media influencer in the traditional Middle East. This contrast takes us on an exciting and entertaining ride where societal norms are challenged, and where controversies are a daily struggle. With a combined total of over 15 million followers, our dynamic ensemble cast will shed light on various facets of Middle Eastern culture, giving us exclusive access to their lavish lifestyles, entrepreneurial ventures, and adventurous personal lives. Through our cast we’ll see high-end editorial photoshoots, international fashion shows, brands being launched, friendships forming and relationships falling apart, all the while posting and sharing these experiences with the world. In this competitive and cut-throat influencer industry, it’s hard work to avoid being wrapped up in the haters of social media and in living up to the demands of their conservative cultures and families. And although the influencers indulge in luxurious lifestyles, this series will also show how each of them is a down-to-earth human being that’s struggling with the same issues that are relatable to many millennials today. We get to see the dirt under the carpet and see the reality of what goes on behind the scenes, including the stress, humour, heartbreak, disappointment, and joy of the influencer industry.

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