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Fragments From Heaven (شظايا السماء)

Qumra Projects

/ Feature Documentary / Morocco, France, Qatar / 2022
In Arabic, Berber
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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The deserts of the east and the south of Morocco are famed for meteor showers, and their arid lands are the perfect location to find these celestial stones. ‘Fragments from Heaven’ tells the story of Mohamed, a nomad in his fifties who lives with his family in a tent in a remote area of the eastern Moroccan desert. In order to improve his family’s harsh living conditions, he decides to go searching for these objects. For him, they represent an opportunity to change his life, and that of his family, forever. The film also tells the story of Abderrahmane, a renowned Moroccan scientist. Meteorites further his research into the origins of Earth and of life itself. He believes the celestial detritus may reveal some answers to his existential questions. The nomad and the scientist never cross paths in the film—it is the language of cinema that allows their connection.

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