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Qumra Projects

/ TV Series / Lebanon, Qatar
In Arabic
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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In its attempt to overcome a long-lasting economic crisis, the town hall of the luxurious Faraya resort relinquishes several acres of land to the real estate project “Faraya 2030” and a ski competition is held to celebrate the launch of construction. But on the first day of competition, the corpse of an Ethiopian housemaid employed by one of Faraya’s bourgeois families is found at the bottom of the tracks and brings the festivities to a halt. Said and his chief are immediately subject to hierarchical pressure, urging them to bring their investigation to a close in order to be able to resume the festivities. The chief of police soon concludes that the housekeeper fell by accident. Uncomfortable with this hasty conclusion, Said decides to pursue his investigation in secret, relying on the help of people from his entourage who are as inexperienced as he is. He will bravely continue to poke his nose where it does not belong, and soon he comes face-to-face with his fellow villagers, who fear that his revelations could jeopardize the work opportunities offered by Faraya 2030. Confronted with this unexpected opposition from his own social milieu, Said is faced with a dilemma—whether to end his investigation or pursue his quest for the truth, at the risk of finding himself alone against the community.

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