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Daughters of Abdul-Rahman (Banat Abdul-Rahman)

Qumra Projects

Zaid Abu Hamdan / Feature Narrative / Jordan, Egypt, Qatar / 2014 / 0 min / Colour
In Arabic / (No Subtitles) subtitles
Interests: Drama, Religion, Social Issues, Youth, Family, Women Interest, Coming of age
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Single and middle-aged, Zainab lives a dreary existence as a local seamstress and her father’s keeper—a stubborn and distant old man who is going senile. After unexpected events, Zainab wakes up to find her father missing. Zainab must now reunite with her three estranged sisters at the old family home to find their father, unwillingly creating a recipe for disaster. As the search for him begins, buried secrets come out, and the sisters get pushed to the edge. Through fights and laughter, the sisters realise that only through overcoming their differences will they find their father, and discover who they truly want to be. ‘Daughters of Abdul-Rahman’ is a universal family drama about women making choices in a patriarchal society. It is a realistic and uplifting tale about four different women who confront the truth about themselves in the most unlikely of situations.

About the Director

Zaid is a holder of an MFA from the New York Film Academy in Hollywood California, and a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University in Beirut.He started his career working on international TV shows as an Assistant Director and Producer, including years of TV reporting and producing for MBC group from Hollywood. Zaid’s TV work extended to developing content for E! Entertainment’s Golden Globes coverage in Los Angeles, in addition to directing reality and scripted shows such as ‘Sesame
Street’ and competition shows. In 2009, Zaid established his company Zaha Productions, producing five internationally award-winning short films to date. He travelled with his short films to more than 40 international film festivals worldwide, gaining critical


Zaid Abu Hamdan
Zaid Abu Hamdan
Saba Mubarak, Zaid Abu Hamdan


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