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Constructions (Construcciones)

New Voices in Cinema

/ Feature Documentary / Argentina, Qatar / 2018
In Spanish / Arabic, English subtitles
MENA Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.

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Pedro, an ageing security guard, patrols a deserted construction site in Córdoba, Argentina. Accompanied by his trusty radio, he whiles away the twilight hours making figurines from bottle tops. When his shift is over, Pedro returns home to the outskirts of the city and his young son, Juampi. In spite of the difficulties he faces as a single father, he always makes time for his son who is taken care of by a young couple, Jessica and Lucas while Pedro works.

Over time, Juampi grows close to the couple who are planning a new home of their own, and comes to see in Jessica the figure of his absent mother. In an attempt to deepen his relationship with his son, Pedro brings Juampi on a camping trip, hoping that their shared experience will help them reconnect.

In this affecting debut documentary from filmmaker Fernando Restelli, we get an intimate glimpse into the everyday life of a non-traditional family. The camera seems almost invisible to Pedro and Juampi as we share in their touching, genuine moments in this endearing portrait of parental love in the face of economic hardship.

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