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Companions of the White Arc (رفاق القوس الابيض)

Qumra Projects

/ Feature Documentary / Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Romania, Norway
In Arabic, English
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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After conquering the majestic seven summits and the South Pole in 2014, Moe Al Thani is on his way to the North Pole to earn mountaineering’s coveted “Grand Slam” title. This is the last leg of a long and arduous journey and will make Moe one of only 50 people in history, and the first Qatari, to ever achieve this incredible feat. This film, however, goes beyond the Grand Slam—it is a tale of evolution, transformation and finding truth. The call of the Mountain was a life changer for Moe and allowed him to grow and become the person he is today, with newfound perspectives and values. We are but the sum of our experiences and Moe’s experiences have so far been extraordinary. From inspiration to summit, from summit to adventure, and from adventure to inspiring others, we learn all about the core values our protagonist has gained and strongly lives by today—the impact of purpose, the drive of passion, the strength of belief, the virtue of patience, the hold of persistence, the radiance of humility, and the joy of appreciation. Moe’s story is one of defiance, grit and motivation.

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