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Qumra Projects

/ Unknown / Sudan
In Arabic
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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After years of living abroad, free-spirited Arwa returns to her village in Sudan upon news of her mother’s death. She is not met with positivity in her childhood home as she finds her demanding older sister Youmna insisting Arwa perform the mandatory custom of cleansing their mother’s body before burial instead of her. Arwa is surprisedby the outrageous request, and the sisters clash over their duties as daughters. As Youmna confronts her little sister, she opens up about how their unappeased mother had neglected her over the years while she was taking care of her—leading to a life filled with regret and loneliness. For the first time, Arwa realises that her sister is more like her than she had ever thought. Separated by guilt from their mother and for themselves, Arwa decides to bring her estranged and agonised sister closer to her by ultimately cleansing their mother’s body, opening up to a new and hopeful family dynamic in the face of death.

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