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The Black Veil

Special Screening

A.J. Al-Thani / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2018 / 17 min / Colour
In Arabic
Interests: Drama
No Premiere


Unfortunately, many women around the world are currently suffering under oppression and desperately dream of escaping it. ‘The Black Veil’ is the story of one such woman who puts her very life at risk to find her freedom. Helped by a reluctant but willing taxi driver, she escapes the clutches of her domineering household. However, her journey of emancipation is fraught with danger, and the potential of recapture lurks around every corner.

Audio described by Abdalrahman Airyibi and Marwa Serry
Voiced by Sarah Saad
Arabic trans-adaptation done by Aisha Aldaher
English trans-adaptation done by Marwa Serry

About the Directors

A.J. Al-Thani is an award-winning Qatari filmmaker film, television and commercial director. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Communications and a concentration in film. She began to pursue her dream of being a filmmaker with the launch of the Doha Film Institute (DFI). Her relationship with the Institute began in 2010 when she participated in one of its first film workshops, which opened the door for many local filmmakers to pursue their passion. For almost ten years, she has been developing her skills with the help of the Institute. A.J. has made two short films, ‘Kashta’ (2016), winner of the Made in Qatar Award in 2016 and ‘The Black Veil’ (2020), which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. In 2021, A.J. founded Creative Nomads, a production company and space for artistic creations.


A.J. Al-Thani
A.J. Al-Thani
Vibhav Gautam

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