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I've Just Had a Dream (Acabo de tener un sueño)

Ajyal Competition

Javi Navarro / Short Narrative / Spain / 2014 / 7 min / Colour / DCP2K
In Arabic, Spanish / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Social Issues, Fantasy, Youth, Immigration, Identity, Children, Education
MENA Premiere


Perspective is everything when two eight-year-old girls awaken from dreams of lives very different to their own. Irene’s dream is horrible – in it, she has to do all kinds of awful chores like cleaning the kitchen and looking after her sick mother. Amina has a lovely dream about a city where she can get to school easily by bus and there is always enough food. Deceptively simple, this moving short reminds us to be grateful for the things we have.

About the Directors

Javier Navarro Montero is a screenwriter, director and film producer from Valencia, Spain. His love for cinema since childhood drive him to study film directing and screenwriting at the Spanish Short Film Agency. He went on to specialise in film directing, and in 2014 he directed ‘I've Just Had a Dream’, which has screened at more than 7,000 film festivals around the world and won nearly 200 awards. Currently, he is preparing his next two films: ‘The Mirror and the Bed’ and ‘Trust Me’.


Javi Navarro
Pedro Herrero
Javi Navarro
Javi Navarro
Damián Sánchez
Carlos Cebrián
Production Company
Andrea Mas, Estela del Carmen

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