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Damaged Goods (Kalo)

Ajyal Competition

Nermin Hamzagić / Short Narrative / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2015 / 20 min / Colour / DCP2K
In Bosnian / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Romance, Youth
Gulf Premiere


Tarik is just a regular guy, though he’s a bit lonely – he lives on his own and works in a local supermarket, where he cheerfully banters with his colleagues and argues with his boss. At night, he repeats nonsense phrases in a frustrating attempt to overcome a stutter. When he develops a shy crush on a woman who works nearby, Tarik employs a curiously romantic method to communicate with her anonymously – but in a society that considers showing emotion to be a sign of weakness, being discovered could isolate him even more.

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About the Directors

Nermin Hamzagić was born in 1986 and graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo, where he works as an assistant professor. His documentary 'Dreamers' (2010) was selected for the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival, and was nominated for the Silver Eye Award at the East Silver Market in Prague. In 2009, his short film 'Lift' won an award at the Europe Is Here International Film Festival in Plovdiv. He has also directed two documentary films for Al Jazeera, ‘Dream Job’ (2013) and ‘Canceled’ (2014).


Nermin Hamzagić
Asja Krsmanović
Amra Baksić Čamo, Adis Đapo
Redzinald Simek
Erol Zubcević
Production Company
Igor Čamo
Igor Čamo
Edin Avdagić, Ali Adnan Grahić, Midhad Hasečić, Aleksandar Seksan, Jasna Diklić

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