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Made in Qatar at D’reesha Programme 1 & 2 - Al Tabbab (الطبّاب)

Ajyal Competition, Made in Qatar

Khalifa Al Mana / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2020 / 7 min / Colour
In No Dialogue
Interests: Animation, 3D Animation
Domestic Premiere


A boy and his father set sail to a secret site where they perform an ancient ritual to harvest pearls from a mysterious sea monster.

About the Directors

Khalifa Al Mana is an engineer, 3D animator and filmmaker. He completed an intensive 18-month programme on character animation and has recently directed his first 3D Animated short film entitled ‘Al Tabbab’. In all of his work, Khalifa is striving to put the Qatari animated film industry on the map internationally and regionally. He is committed to telling original Qatari and authentic Arab stories of great cultural relevance to the world.


Khalifa Al Mana
Khalifa Al Mana
Basel Owies
Falah Hannoun
Greg Johnson

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