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I Lay To Wait For You To Sleep

Qumra Projects

Ali Al Hajri / Short Narrative / Qatar / 0 min
In Arabic
Interests: Drama


Uncertainty looms as Ali, a 26-year-old man, drives alone across an empty road. His nervous demeanour intensifies as he feels an unsettling presence, glancing anxiously at his rearview mirror. Ali’s drive takes a sudden turn, leading to a fateful crash. The aftermath reveals a shattered reality as Ali’s lifeless body lies amidst the wreckage. By a desolate tree, grief-stricken women surround Ali’s body, washing it with care.

As his soul transcends, glimpses of his past unfold as he revisits familial dinners, his younger self, and his mother’s dough-kneading ritual. As he explores the interplay of life, loss, and rebirth, capturing the essence of a soul’s enduring connection with the world, he is faced with this question—“What do we have to accept in order for our soul to transcend and find contentment?”

About the Directors

Ali Al Hajri is a Qatari filmmaker whose work is deeply rooted in a profound fascination with narratives that blur the lines between fantasy and realism. His commitment to innovative storytelling is evident in his exploration of the intricacies of human experiences and inner conflicts. Professionally, Ali Al Hajri is associated with the Qatar Foundation, where he uses his skills to produce and direct short documentaries that embody authenticity. He is currently engaged in the post-production phase of his short film 'I Lay To Wait for You To Sleep', a nuanced exploration of the interplay between life, loss, and rebirth.


Ali Al Hajri
Ali Al Hajri
Basel Owies

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