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Ajyal Competition, Made in Qatar - Ajyal Film Festival 2018

Aisha Al-Shammakh / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2017 / 16 min / Colour / DCP / In Arabic / English subtitles / Qatar Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 13. Individuals under the age of 13 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or older.


Ubiquitous electronic devices are connecting us like never before. In this short documentary, we meet six individuals from the much-maligned "millennials" generation. While they may come from entirely different backgrounds, they are akin due to their shared digital experiences and interests. Through this connection, they were able to unite online and deal with the recent blockade in a very different way than other generations.

About the Director

Aisha Al-Shammakh is a promising young Qatari director. She was an Ajyal judge for four years, as well as volunteering at the Al Jazeera documentary film festival. She is one of the founders of the Film Club in Qatar University, and she became its president in 2016.


Aisha Al-Shammakh
Aisha Al-Shammakh
Aisha Al-Shammakh
Aisha Al-Shammakh
Aisha Al-Shammakh
Ahmad Al Ansari, Shoug Shaheen, Etidal Hassan, Abdullah Al Khuzaei, Ashma Guiamadin, Mohammed Shaheen

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