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Inside DTFF: Last Minute Preparations

Oct 25, 2010 — Film Festival


With less than 24 hours left until opening night, get a glimpse of the final preparations at Katara (DTFF’s festival hub) and other events leading up to the big day.

Volunteer Registration: What is in the bag?

With over 800 volunteers registering today and learning exactly what their schedule for the festival entails, the big question keeping everyone guessing, was “what was in the free bag?”


Press Conference

After the opening press conference we caught up with some members of the Press to ask them what their expectations are for DTFF 2010.

H.E. Sheikh Jabor Bin Yousuf Al Thani, Amanda Palmer and Press

On October 25, 2010 over 50 local press organizations were invited for an exclusive look at the preparations for the second Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

H.E. Sheikh Jabor Bin Yousuf Al Thani, DFI Festival Board Member and Amanda Palmer, Executive Director of DFI, spoke about the importance of engaging Qatar’s local community, as this is after all, an event geared for them. It’s so important to us because creating community events like this is integral to everything we do as part of DFI and DTFF.” – Sheikh Jaber

“This year our opening night will be shown to 2,800 people at Katara, which is extraordinary. We recognize DTFF and DFI will only succeed with community support, which is why community outreach continues to be our number one priority.” – Amanda Palmer

Take a Lighting Tour

Lighting is important. To find out just how important it is, Adam Bassett, DTFF’s Lighting Designer gives you a behind the scenes tour of our lighting rigs on the eve of the festival. Click for all the videos from our Inside DTFF Series.

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