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Dec 05, 2014

Ajyal Day 5 provides lots of opportunities to see an amazing array of short films, that all-too-often overlooked corner of filmmaking that produces some of the finest gems of cinema. The short film format is not only a wonderful training tool and calling card for up-and-coming filmmakers (most of your favourite film directors started out by directing short films), but it is also a form of art in and ofi itself.

Be sure not to miss these wonderful short films programmes – and keep in mind that admission is free.

Bariq Short Film Programme (G) – A wonderful collection of shorts for children ages 4 and up, sure to please the whole family, Bariq showcases some of the best of recent animated films produced worldwide. One screening only – today, 5 December. Please reserve your free ticket in advance for admission.

Bader Short Films Programme (PG-15) – Divided into two programmes, Bader short films are an incredible collection of smart, witty, thought-provoking and heavy-hitting works appropriate for audiences over the age of 15. The Bader Short Film Programme 1 screens today, 5 December, while the Bader Short Film Programme 2 screens tomorrow, 6 December. Please reserve your free ticket in advance for admission.

Made in Qatar (PG-13) – Come and celebrate work by some of the best filmmakers in Qatar. If you watched Programme 1 yesterday, you already know what kind of homegrown talent we have right here. If you didn’t, you won’t want to miss Made in Qatar Programme 2 today, 5 December. Please reserve your free ticket in advance for admission.

Three inspiring documentaries whose common thread is the importance of education for children all over the world are gathered together for a special screening called BraveHearts (PG-13). Faridullah’s Day Off is the hearbreaking tale of a nine-year-old boy in Afghanistan who spends his days working in a brick factory and dreams of going to school some day; Fire in Our Hearts documents the story of the first generation of literate girls in an Indian tribe previously subject to indentured slavery; and Poet Against Prejudice shows the courage and strength of a Yemeni teenager who suffered racism and prejudice in the USA and uses this hatred as an inspiration for her poetry. One screening only – tomorrow, 6 December. Admission is free, but please reserve a ticket in advance for guaranteed seating.

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