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Film is Life - Thoughts on a Slogan

Oct 06, 2010 — The Institute

Film is message… a message that never stops… it tells the tale a thousand times, and engraves it in the hearts and minds of entire nations.

A message intended to bring sorrow and joy… intended to evoke your curiosity and awaken your desire for knowledge.

Film is legend… a living legend that will make your heart beat… that will seize your senses and sensations.

Film is magic… a magic that defies laws of nature… that can fold distance, capture space, and control time.

Film is a sail… a sail that takes you around the world… to experience and touch cultures, civilizations and the lives of others.

Film is creation… the creation of what is, and the documentation of what was… that celebrates the past and preserves the present.

Film is life… there is so much worth living for… we deserve to live… to share our history and culture… to tell the tale, and tape the reality… to express our dreams, and spread our creativity… to make our own future, and learn from our past.

We deserve film… we deserve life… for film is life.

- Mona Zaher

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