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DFI Film Review: Always - Sunset on Third Street

Aug 27, 2012

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By Anealla Safdar

Film: Always – Sunset on Third Street (Always san-chôme no yûhi)
Director: Takashi Yamazaki
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 133 mins
Language: Japanese with English and Arabic subtitles

Director Takashi Yamazaki’s exploration of post-war Tokyo, set in 1958, is a sentimental, funny and nostalgic exploration of, in his words, the “good old days”.

His portrayal of friendship, family and day-to-day life in the city just over 10 years after the annihilating bombing of Tokyo, and little more than a decade before big buildings defined the skyline, is boosted by composer Naoki Satō’s award winning musical score and several engaging performances. Aged 11 in 2005 when the film was released, the actor playing Junnosuke Furuyuki (Kenta Sunga) is particularly arresting as a young, lost boy relying on the kindness of strangers.

Often pantomimic humour seamlessly combines with heart-wrenching scenes as Yamazaki follows the lives of several characters whose stories interweave.

The film won 12 awards at the 2006 Japanese Academy Awards (including Best Music) and the audience award at the New York Asian Film Festival in the same year.

Doha Film Institute presents “Always – Sunset on Third Street” as the penultimate film screening as part of the Qatar Japan 2012 initiative. Some ticket proceeds will go to Reach Out To Asia.

The film will play at the Museum of Islamic Art on the following dates:
Thursday August 30 – 7pm
Friday August 31 – 4pm
Friday August 31 – 7pm

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