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KATARA is an integrated cultural landmark, aspiring to be the Princess of all cities… the dream of the learned.(Photos by Adrian Haddad).

Her father is the sea with mystery and treasures and her mother is the desert with its warmth and heroic legends… an oasis providing inspiring shades to caravans of creative..

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wanderers to help them set off towards the future, armed with strong faith, knowledge and awareness.

KATARA was designed to be a top tourist attraction capable of welcoming visitors and tourists from all over the world. It was randomly arranged the various buildings and facilities in such a way to look and feel like an old traditional Qatari alley (Al fareej).

KATARA concept is: To create an environment suitable for nurturing and activating the cultural and innovative activities in the country; to be a cultural hub and a meeting place for the educated and the creative, To raise public cultural awareness through festivals, exhibition, forums and other cultural events; to conduct researches and studies relevant to the objectives and activities of KATARA; and to invest in the buildings and facilities such as retail outlets, handicraft souq, cinemas, international coffee shops and restaurants.

Qatar is already a unique destination to sample all types of Arabian specialties and world-class international cuisine. KATARA will set out to achieve new heights of culinary excellence to add to Qatar’s already flourishing dining repertoire. Restaurants will offer a truly multi-cultural experience including Egyptian, Turkish, Indian, Lebanese Armenian, seafood and much more. Every meal will deliver authentic flavors, carefully prepared using the finest ingredients, complemented with traditional hospitality served by skilled restaurant staff from all over the region.

A group of buildings in KATARA is designed to host the various cultural, literary and art societies functioning in Qatar under one roof, with the main objective being to facilitate access of interested visitors and to provoke their potentials and enhance the spirit of fair competition among them. These societies include: Qatar Photographic Society, Childhood Cultural Centre, Theaters & Dramatist, Sout Al Khaleej Broadcasting, Al-Gannas Society, etc.

KATARA will fulfill its mission by coordinating and cooperating with public ministries and authorities, the private sector and organizations in the Gulf, Arab and international arenas such as; Amphitheatre, Theatre for plays, Opera Theater and Multi-purpose Hall, and Cultural and Art Societies.

KATARA is occupying an area of more than 1,000,000 square meters, and it’s situated at the eastern coast of Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar, where it can symbolically be the first to catch the glorious sunlight and in turn send it out to the world full of warmth and knowledge.

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