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My Uncle the "Terrorist"

Spring Grant 2013 - Production Stage
Current project status: Production - Principle Photography

Elias Moubarak / Feature Documentary / Lebanon, Germany, Qatar / 2015 / 90 min / Interests: Documentary, Politics, Social Issues, History, Biography, Violence, Based on a True Story


I grew up with the portrait of a man hanging in our house. As a child, I never knew who he was; nobody spoke much about him in my family. Eventually, I discovered he was my uncle Fouad Chemali, and that he was a poet. Later, I found out Uncle Fouad was one of the founders of the Black September Organisation, and one of the organisers of the Munich massacre of 1972. This documentary is about my investigation to find out my uncle’s true identity. Did the cause he believed in justify the means he chose?


Elias Moubarak
Elias Moubarak
Bashar Abu Saifan

About the Director

Born in 1985, Elias Moubarak is a Lebanese filmmaker and professional photographer. He graduated from the Lebanese American University, where he majored in communication arts, specialising in radio, film and television. He has directed several short films, including ‘Baghdad 64’ (2008) which was selected for a number of film festivals. He has worked as a director of photography and editor; since 2009, his photography has been published in numerous books and magazines, and has been exhibited on several occasions, including in a solo photography exhibition entitled ‘Rust Never Sleeps’.

Production Company Profile

RedLine is a Beirut-based media production company. Launched in 2008, its profile is focused on the areas of new media, film and television production.


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