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Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2017

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SONY Cinema Under the Stars - Short Film Programme

Runtime: 84 min


  • Kashta

    Special Screening

    Out in the quiet desert, a father teaches his sons how to hunt, but a careless struggle between the two brothe…

    A.J. Al Thani / Qatar / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Charlie

    Special Screening

    Charlie always struggled in school, especially in reading and writing. The reason? He is dyslexic. This docume…

    Ali Ali / Qatar / 2015 / Short Documentary

  • Makh'bz

    Special Screening

    The actions of men and machines become a graceful dance as Aisha Al Muhannadi transforms the making of bread i…

    Aisha R. Al Muhannadi / Qatar / 2015 / Short Documentary

  • My Hero

    Special Screening

    A young boy idolises his father and longs to spend more time with him, but nothing seems to work: the man is j…

    Nora Al-Subai / Qatar / 2013 / Short Narrative

  • Immortalizing Memories

    Special Screening

    Doha is known for its soaring and sparkling skyline. In ‘Immortalizing Memories’, we are transported to anothe…

    Mostafa Sheshtawy / Qatar / 2015 / Unknown

  • dRAIN

    Special Screening

    This clever video shows that conserving water is almost as easy as wasting it, and the results are a whole lot…

    Papanapattu Ganesh, Imad Hachem / Qatar / 2014 / Short Narrative

  • Al - Kora

    Special Screening

    In an old Qatari village, a young boy is playing soccer by himself. When he accidentally throws the football o…

    Amal Al-Muftah / Qatar / 2013 / Short Narrative

  • Light Sounds

    Special Screening

    This gentle tale of workers at a mosque reminds us that every face might hide an unrecognised talent, if only…

    Karem Kamel / Qatar / 2015 / Short Narrative

  • Palm Tree

    Special Screening

    In a sterile lab, sprouts are methodically planted, their growth observed and tracked. Seeds are washed and si…

    Jassim Al-Rumaihi / Qatar / 2015 / Short Documentary

  • 10%

    Special Screening

    A young man is obsessed with his mobile phone. Worried because his battery is running low, he gets into all ki…

    Yousef AlMoadhadi / Qatar / 2014 / Short Narrative

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