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Muguruza Rocks Dubai with Palestinian Music

Mexican filmmaker Fermin Muguruza discusses his latest film “Checkpoint Rock: Songs From Palestine”.

The plight of Palestinians is often told within the context of a long history of political failures, social divisions and violence. But last night at the Dubai International Film Festival, Palestinian musicians put a w

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hole new spin on things.

‘Checkpoint Rock: Songs from Palestine’ is directed by Fermin Muguruza, a musician in his own right, and depicts an often not seen struggle within Palestine, of artists trying to keep their voices heard under Israel’s occupation.

In this video, Muguruza speaks about the inspiration and challenges of making ‘Checkpoint Rock: Songs from Palestine’ and performs with characters in his film.

The film, which unites musicians from across the country, chronicles the daily struggles they face in life and in continuing to make their music. Muguruza was inspired to make the film after a trip to Palestine in 2002. He was especially affected by the amount of checkpoints used that obstructed a trip to the hospital, to school, or even to visit family members.

At the press conference, musicians from the film, which include Habib Al Deek, Muthana Sha’baan, rappers Dam and Safaa Arapiyat and Le Trio Joubran spoke about their experiences, working on the film and even gave an impromptu performance. The screening was followed by a live jam session. Watch the video above for a taste of their music and an interview with Muguruza himself.

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