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Spring Grant 2011 - Development Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Mazen Khaled / Feature Narrative / Lebanon, Egypt, France, Qatar / 2012 / 120 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Social Issues, Musical, Family


Farida, a strong-willed Egyptian woman in her 50s, is a cleaning lady who works and lives in an upscale Beirut neighbourhood. She is being threatened with eviction from the home she has lived in for most of her life and her husband, tired of being a stay-at-home, insists they move to his family’s village in eastern Syria. With her only son Jad moving to Qatar for work, Farida fears losing the independence she has worked hard for and spending the rest of her life as a traditional wife and daughter-in-law in a village near the Syrian border with Iraq.


Mazen Khaled
Mazen Khaled
Antoine Khalife, Pascal Diot

About the Director

Mazen Khaled was born in Beirut, and has studied and lived in Washington, DC, and Montreal. Before he began working in film, he wrote and directed a number of television advertisements while he was a creative director. Mazen’s short films ‘Cadillac Blues’ (2002), ‘My Queer Samsara’ (2010) and ‘Our Gentleman of the Wings’ (2010) have been shown at various international festivals, including the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Reykjavík Film Festival, the Cork International Film Festival and the Né à Beyrouth Lebanese Film Festival.

Production Company Profile

II Films is a Beirut-based company. Its mission is to help in the creation and support of a brave new cinema scene in Lebanon and the Arab world. It aims to collaborate with new and experienced filmmakers alike to produce quality films that combine critical acclaim with mass appeal, and to create community support among industry professionals to help nurture independent filmmaking in the region.


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    Antoine Khalife

    Arab Media Distribution
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