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Spring Grants 2020
Current project status: COMPLETED

Gessica Généus / Feature Narrative / Haiti, Benin, France, Qatar / 93 min / Original Language: Creole, English, French / Interests: Based on a True Story


Freda lives with her mother, sister and little brother in a popular neighbourhood of Haiti. They survive with their little street food shop. The precariousness and violence of their daily life pushes them to do everything they can to escape their situation in the hope of finding a better life.


Gessica Généus
Gessica Généus
Faissol Fahad GNONLONFIN, Jean-Marie GIGON, Gessica

About the Director

Gessica Généus started her acting career at 17 in 'Barikad', a feature by Richard Sénécal. Recently, she appeared in a TV movie on Toussaint Louverture, directed by Philippe Niang and produced by France 2. In 2011, Gessica was granted a scholarship from the Acting International de Paris. Back in Haiti, she founded her own production company, Ayizian Productions. In 2014, in partnership with Télévision Caraïbes, she directed 'Vizaj Nou', a portrait series of contemporary Haitian figures (Anthony Pascal dit Konpè Filo, Viviane Gauthier, Odette Roy Fombrun, Frankétienne). 'Douvan jou ka leve' (The Sun Will Rise) was her first documentary for France Télévisions.

Production Company Profile

Merveilles Production SARL is a Beninese company of independent production and realisation of audiovisual and cinematographic works, created in 2011. Open to the world, Merveilles production cultivates a committed relationship with African filmmakers and focuses on the discovery of new authors, and the production of first and second films. Favouring original proposals and singular perspectives, Merveilles Production produces society documentaries, citizen documentaries rooted in reality, history, arts and culture, but also short and feature-length fiction, as well as television series. This audiovisual production company is a framework that extends the dynamic of promotion, direction, production and exploitation of audiovisual and cinematographic works carried by a new wave of young filmmakers who have been flooding the African continent in recent years. It also serves as an interface to all other young cultural actors who have a project to defend at the national and international level, and authors who have different views on African society.

Awards and Festival History


WP Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2021


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    Faissol Gnonlonfin


  • Production Company

    Merveilles Production

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