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Spring Grants 2019 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRODUCTION

Mehdi Hmili, Abdallah Chamekh / Feature Documentary / Tunisia, Qatar / 100 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Psychological, Creative Documentary


In the largest steel factory of Tunisia on the cusp of being privatized, four workers suffer from physical and psychological disorders after their close colleague dies in an oven explosion in front of their eyes. The four workers consult a psychologist to overcome their trauma. We discover through these sessions the intimacy of these four workers: Batfing, the young rap singer and drug addict who claims to see ghosts. Fethi, the former cinema projectionist who is losing his sight. Ali, the pious union delegate going through a painful divorce, and Tawfik who returns from chemotherapy and fights for his right to early retirement. A debate about their health problems develops into a broader discussion about the social and environmental conditions, facing strong repression from the establishment. The young generation of workers is tired of struggling against the system and wants to leave the factory while the older ones attempt to convince them to take over and unite against the administration which seeks to privatize the factory. A strike begins, and the four workers decide to stand together against the administration to raise their concerns. It is obvious that a change need to happen in this factory of terror.


Mehdi Hmili, Abdallah Chamekh
Mehdi Hmili
Moufida Fedhila

About the Director

Mehdi Hmili was born in Tunis and graduated from the Paris Film School. While in France, he directed his trilogy in black-and-white about love and exile: ‘X-Moment’ (2009), ‘Li-La’ (2011) and ‘The Night of Badr’ (2012). His first feature-length film, ‘Thala mon amour’ (2015), is a drama that takes place in the city of Thala during the Tunisian Revolution, was part of the official selection of the Carthage, Rome and Torino Film Festivals. Hmili is also a popular poet in Tunisia, known for his poems against the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. A former football player, Hmili recounts his own story in ‘Solo’, his second feature-length film currently in development.

Abdallah Chamekh is a Tunisian filmmaker. His film ‘Now and Here’ was selected in more than 30 international film festivals, received the Grand Prix at Med Memories 2014. In 2017, he created ‘CineLabo’ an in-school environment for children to learn filmmaking, which is supported by The Tunisian Ministry of Culture. Abdallah Chamekh is currently preparing his documentary film ‘Fouledh’, a Tunisian-German production, and currently lives and works in Tunis.

Production Company Profile

Yol Film House is a film production company created in Tunis by Mehdi Hmili and Moufida Fedhila. Yol Film House produces original, innovative and audacious fiction and documentary films. The Company plays a major role in supporting the films of the new generation of Tunisian and Arab filmmakers. Their latest production 'AYA' has been selected in more than 100 film festivals around the world and has won more than 25 international awards. Their upcoming projects include Mehdi Hmili's 'Streams', and 'Strong Girls' by the young female filmmaker Ines Arsi.


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    Moufida Fedhila

    Yol Film House
    +216 71 353 008

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    Yol Film House

    Yol Film House
    71 353 008

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