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Civilization of Equality

Fall Grants 2022 - Production Stage

Ibrahim Albuainain / Short Narrative / Qatar / 4 min / Original Language: English / Interests: Animation


‘Civilization of Equality’ is a short, stop-motion animated musical that reflects the beauty of equality. Colourful animals sing spontaneously from their vivid habitats all around the world. As all of their melodies gradually emerge, they transform into a beautiful song where the voices emerge in a cappella style. This piece calls for equality and harmony among human beings, and it reminds us all, regardless of who we are or how we look, that we have to live in harmony and peace.


Ibrahim Albuainain
Ibrahim Ali Albuainain, Louis Hayward
Ibrahim Albuainain, Ibrahim Ali Albuainain

About the Director

Ibrahim Albuainain is a writer, art director and filmmaker. He embraced art since childhood and always wanted to understand the magic and secrets of cartoon animation and stop motion. As a result, he dedicated many years to research and experiments to make animatable puppets. His first stop-motion film, 'The Last Drop of Oil' (2012), was an official selection in many film festivals, such as the Family Film Festival in Hollywood and Douban Film Festival in Seoul. The film was awarded at Ras Al Khaimah in 2014. Ibrahim is a grantee at the Doha Film Institute for his 3D animated film, 'Smile You Deserve It'.


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