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Chasing the Dazzling Light (working title)

Spring Grants 2021 - Development Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Yaser Kassab / Feature Experimental or Essay / Syria, Qatar / 65 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Immigration


Yaser embarks on a journey searching for inspiration to make a film related to his new place, but he finds isolation and emptiness surrounding him in the small town in central Sweden. Through phone calls, his father in Aleppo tries to help him in his search, advising him not to make a personal film and to instead make a film far from what is happening in Syria. While Yaser was researching the origin of this passion, his father tells him that forty years ago, he had an unfulfilled dream of studying cinema and becoming a filmmaker. But the selection committee refused to nominate him to study in the Soviet Union, so he decided to travel to work in West Germany.

Hearing that makes Yaser more eager to pursue his dream in filmmaking. However, Sweden adopts a stricter immigration policy, and he has to find steady work in order to renew his resident permit. Yaser decides to move to Stockholm to study cinema and make a film with his father about two generations and a family separated by war, about two experiences of exile that are united by their inherited passion and love for cinema.


Yaser Kassab
Yaser Kassab
Zenloop Productions

About the Director

Yaser Kassab is a filmmaker born in Syria and based in Stockholm, Sweden, where he is studying for a master's in film. He is known for 'On the Edge of Life' (2017), which premiered at Cinema du reel film festival and received the Joris Ivens and CNAP award for best first film. At festival dei Popoli, the film also received a best mid-length documentary award, among other awards. In 2019 his film ‘I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All', premiered at Vision du reel. Both films screened at many festivals including IDFA, RIDM, Tempo, Carthage, and Cairo.

Production Company Profile

Zenloop is a production house founded in 2014 by Yaser Kassab and Rima Alhamedd, producing independent films that garner international appreciation and numerous prizes.


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    Yaser Kassab


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    Zenloop Productions

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