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QFF Fall 2018
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Sana Al-Ansari, Reem Al-Maadeed / Web Series


It’s wedding season in Qatar, MAHBOOBAH
(64), is a determined widow with no
boundaries that sets people up for marriage.
Over the course of her matchmaking career
and in spite of the varying types of people she
comes across, she always manages to rise
above any differences and eventually develops
a promising reputation as a matchmaker.
It is not until her only son, SAEED (27)
tells her he wants to get married to someone
she does not approve of. She forbids him from
marrying the girl he loves and attempts to
arrange a marriage for him.

About the Director

Sana Al-Ansari is a Qatari/American Masters of Fine Arts Documentary Practice student at University College London. She graduated from NUQ in 2019 with a bachelors in Communication. She has a passion for filmmaking and participated in many different films as a sound recordist, script supervisor and producer. In 2017-2018, she joined the Studio 20Q Board as the Public Relations Chair. Sana has travelled extensively on service-learning trips, and enjoys learning about new people from different cultures. She received a grant from Doha Film Institute to produce a web series she co-wrote and also plans to direct an episode.

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