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Land of Dreams (Ard el ahlam)

Katara Cinema

/ Feature Narrative / Egypt / 1993 / 118 min
In Arabic / English subtitles
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.

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It is New Year’s Eve and Narges Rihan (Hamama in her final film role) is all set to emigrate to the USA – the titular ‘land of dreams’ – but with her flight leaving tomorrow, she discovers she has misplaced her ticket and her passport. During her search for the missing documents, Narges encounters a magician, whom she follows around Heliopolis until dawn, thus realising a long-held desire of her own – to stay up all night. Finally, Narges comes to see that the land of dreams she seeks has been right under her nose all along. ‘The Land of Dreams’ was shortlisted for the Academy Awards in 1994.

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