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When The News Break You

Qumra Projects

Hamad Al Hajri / Feature Documentary / Qatar
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Conflict journalists fulfil an important civic function. In an era of increasing globalisation, they keep the world informed of war, revolutions, political unrest, and natural and manmade disasters often far from our shores that now have the potential to affect us directly. Arab journalists are exceptionally in the eye of the storm because for decades, interstate and intrastate conflicts have been an enduring and poignant characteristic of life in every corner in the Middle East and North Africa. Still, because it is too close to home, most Arab journalists fail to understand that the trauma they carry is a legitimate response to what they witness every day as part of their work and everyday life. It is important that both they and their networks know that it is nonsensical to think these things will not stay in their heads and that they are above trauma or can avoid PTSD.

About the Director

Hamad Al Hajri is a creative and innovative short film and documentary director with nine years of career experience working primarily for local TV.


Hamad Al Hajri
Saad Abedine, Elif Ural

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