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Out Of My Mind

Qumra Projects

Mo Yusuf / TV Series / Qatar, Somalia, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates
In Arabic, English, Somali
Interests: Dark Comedy
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Mo is a Somali writer who grew up and still lives in Dubai. One day, Mo wakes up to find the electricity in his apartment disconnected—yet again. While hustling to find more writing gigs in an industry that considers him as a kinda-sorta-Arab, he continues pitching ideas that the “market” doesn’t want. His closest friend Duwana opens his eyes to the reality of his situation—adapt or change. From turning down a much-needed payday to write for a skin whitening cream brand to recording songs for brands that pay peanuts, Mo figures out he is responsible for all the hardships he’s facing. Duwana advises him to choose a path; writing or stand-up. He chooses stand-up. But he must first contend with unfinished business. His expired residency visa, trauma from his mother’s passing, a rocky relationship with his father and cutting out any so-called “friends” that hold him back.

About the Director

A 19-year TV and film veteran, Mo is a full-time screenwriter and content strategist who has written both Arabic and English language films, television shows and branded entertainment for commercial clients. Latest credits include Mo’s body-switch comedy screenplay ‘Rashid & Raj’ (2019) that was acquired by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and directed by the award-winning animation director Mohammed Saeed Harib. ‘Karim-O-Phobia’, a comedy series he co-created for Shahid Plus, premiered September 2020 and quickly became a hit while garnering nominations for best new comedy series. After years of being on set for countless productions and learning from the best creatives in the region, Mo will be making his directorial debut with his original limited series ‘Out of My Mind’.


Mo Yusuf
Mo Yusuf
Guy Sinclair

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