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Kinship (القرابة)

Qumra Projects

Ali Alhajri / Short Narrative / Qatar
In Arabic
Interests: Horror, Thriller, Psychological
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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Khalid and Noura are in the delivery room, expecting their first newborn. Instead of being overcome with joy, Khalid finds himself awash with unsettling fear and uncertainty. When Khalid tries to get closer to his newborn, he is revisited by those same nightmares within himself. One day, Noura leaves Khalid alone with the baby and what he hopes is an opportunity to feel connected with his son turns into much more of a struggle for clarity. Can Khalid face his inner demons and reconcile with these apparitions in his head?

About the Director

Ali Alhajri is a Qatari filmmaker. He graduated from Drexel University with a degree in TV Production and Media Management. Alhajri is interested in genre films that blur the line between fantasy and realism. He hopes to continue exploring ways of telling stories born out of inner conflicts. Professionally, he works at Qatar Foundation, under which he produces/directs short documentaries. Currently, he’s in post-production for his first short 'Kinship', a film exploring tensions within father-son bonds.


Ali Alhajri
Ali Alhajri
Ghouna Jaber

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