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Al Baseer – The Blind Ferryman (Al Baseer - Der Dlinde Fährmann)

Qumra Projects

Ali Al-Fatlawi / Feature Narrative / Switzerland, Qatar, Iraq / 2023
In Arabic
Interests: Drama, Fantasy
Rated: This film has not been rated.

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The blind ferryman Ayoub lives in the southern Iraqi marshes. He knows how to find his way around despite his lack of eyesight, earning his money by ferrying people and goods around the wetlands. In the evenings, he often enjoys drinks with his friends, talking about the mysteries of life until late into the night. One of these evenings, they are attacked by a group of religious radicals. Trying to escape, Ayoub is lost for the very first time in his life. He is rescued by a mysterious woman who disrupts his very existence. Captivated by her, his life revolves more and more around their secret encounters. Yet nobody believes him when he talks about her, and rumours start to spread that he has lost his mind. When even his friends start to distance themselves, Ayoub's self-doubt grows until he no longer knows what is reality and what is imagination.

About the Director

Ali was born in Baghdad. His beginnings are in painting and poetry. He became a member of the Iraqi Writers' Union at a young age and attended the Art Institute to study art, but the political situation forced him to leave his homeland. After a long odyssey, he came to Switzerland in '97 and graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the F+F School of Art and Design in 2002. He directed and produced several short films and has worked as a picture designer since 2007. In 2013 he founded his own film company urakypost. He is a member of Swiss Fiction Movement and the Swiss rights association Suissimage. In addition to his film work, Ali has been active in the visual arts for twenty years, specialising in live performance art and travelling the world with his art. He has also given several workshops in performance art. Ali has received numerous awards, the most important being the prestigious Swiss Art Award 2012 and the Swiss Award for Performing Arts 2011.


Ali Al-Fatlawi
Ali Al-Fatlawi, Joël Jent
Ali Al-Fatlawi, Sophia Rubischung

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