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Ajyal Film Festival 2018

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Ajyal brings the best of cinema from around the world to Doha audiences, and films for families and every age group are on offer throughout the Festival. There’s a special focus on films made right here in Qatar; short films for children as young as 4; brilliant examples of animation, drama, and comedy; and heavy-hitting documentaries for the serious cinephile.

  • Central Airport THF

    Ajyal Competition

    Built in the 1920s and remodelled as an architectural showcase in the 1930s, Berlin Tempelhof A…

    Karim Aïnouz / Germany, France, Brazil / 2017 / Feature Documentary

  • Freedom Fields

    Ajyal Competition

    At the new dawn of a nation once cut off from the world, a dynamic group of women from fracture…

    Naziha Arebi / Libya, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States of America, Qatar, Lebanon, Canada / 2018 / Feature Documentary

    • Wed, Nov 28, 07:00 PM, K16-OH
    • Wed, Nov 28, 07:00 PM, K16-DT
    • Thu, Nov 29, 08:30 PM, NOV-P1
  • Hayati

    Special Screening

    In 2015, Ossamah Al Mohsen and his 8-year-old son were tripped up by a TV reporter as they atte…

    Sofi Escudé, Liliana Torres / Spain, France / 2018 / Feature Documentary

    • Fri, Nov 30, 08:30 PM, NOV-P1
    • Sat, Dec 1, 08:00 PM, K16-OH
  • The Man Who Stole Banksy

    Special Screening

    In 2007, anonymous street artist and activist Banksy painted a number of politically divisive a…

    Marco Proserpio / United Kingdom, Italy, Qatar / 2018 / Feature Documentary

    • Sun, Dec 2, 09:00 PM, K16-DT
    • Mon, Dec 3, 08:30 PM, NOV-P1
  • The Price of Free

    Ajyal Competition

    'The Price of Free' follows the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner, and longtime crusader against…

    Derek Doneen / United States of America / 2018 / Feature Documentary

  • What Walaa Wants

    Ajyal Competition

    'What Walaa Wants' is the compelling story of a headstrong young girl. Raised in a refugee camp…

    Christy Garland / Canada, Denmark / 2018 / Feature Documentary

    • Wed, Nov 28, 08:30 PM, NOV-P1
    • Thu, Nov 29, 09:30 PM, K16-OH