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White Crow (Bijela vrana)

Ajyal Competition

Miran Miošić / Short Narrative / Croatia / 2018 / 9 min / Colour / DCP
In No Dialogue
Interests: Animation


Little White Crow was born in a flock of black crows. Often gawked at and ridiculed by the other birds for being different, she does her best to keep her chirpy attitude and spirits high. Flying off with a gaggle of geese one day, she discovers a lush new habitat full of tropical birds. Returning to her family, she is shocked to find that pollution has destroyed her home, but soon leads them to a better one in this colourful tale about embracing our differences.

About the Directors

Miran Miošić was born in Dubrovnik, and has studied in Zagreb ADU (BA) and Los Angeles UCLA (MA). He directed more than 30 TV shows and film editor on over 20 feature films. His first animated film 'Hidden Talent' won Special Mention at Children and Youth Festival (KUKI) in Berlin, 2014. 'White Crow' is his second animated film. Currently, Miran works as a film editor, writer and director of children's animated films, and he is a teacher at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Prague.


Miran Miošić
Miran Miošić
Miran Miošić
Executive Producer
Andrijana Vidaček
Hrvoje Štefotić
Hrvoje Štefotić
Set Designer
Ana Kadoić

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