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Tick Tock (توقف الزنبرك)

Made in Qatar

Awad Karrar / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2019 / 14 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Drama
No Premiere


In a university in Sudan, Ahmed gets elected president of the student body by the corrupt school administration. As he prepares for his inauguration, a protest begins to gather outside his window, led by the brave Azza. Continually plagued by the incessant sound of an alarm clock ringing in his ears, Ahmed begins to question his loyalty to the unscrupulous regime. When forced to partake in the whipping of Azza, he must make the ultimate ethical decision.

About the Directors

Awad Karrar is a senior at NU-Q, he worked on multiple films with Studio 20Q and DFI over the past three years with roles varying from production assistant to sound recordist. He wrote the script of this film as a young Sudanese man who hopes to see a change in the Sudanese regime.


Awad Karrar
Wijdan Al Khateeb
Set Designer
Mayyasa Gaddas
Assistant Director
Asmaa Benkermi
Mohanad Masoud, and Rana Marouf

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