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The Ostrich Politic

Ajyal Competition

Mohamad Houhou / Short Narrative / France / 2018 / 6 min / Colour / DCP
In English
Interests: Animation


In this poetic tale about behavioural misconceptions and the dangers of narrow-mindedness, we join an advanced society made entirely of Ostriches. For as long as anyone can remember, they have always buried their heads, so much so that everything is built around this peculiar activity. Only one person seems to question this behaviour—the inquisitive phylogeneticist, Dr. Kays. But when his research proves too unpalatable for the majority, it is his findings that are ultimately buried.

About the Directors

Mohamad HouHou was born in Lebanon in1993. He began his studies in Graphic Design at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and afterwards travelled to France to obtain a Master of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking from GOBELINS, L'ecole de l'image.


Mohamad Houhou
Mohamad Houhou
Cedric Denooz
Set Designer
Mohamad Houhou, Laetitia Teodorescu
Fabrice ZIOLKOWSKI, Yujia WANG, Fanny HAGDAHL, Sean LEWIS, Valentine ZHANG, Cliona NOONAN, Kester LOVELACE

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