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J’ai le Cafard

Ajyal Competition, Made in Qatar

Maysaa Almumin / Short Narrative / Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, Qatar / 2020 / 14 min
In Arabic
Interests: Drama
Domestic Premiere


A woman unable to make sense of her downhearted mood struggles to keep up appearances in front of her chirpy and driven office colleagues. When an encounter with a dying cockroach in a restroom at work develops into an absurd friendship, it becomes both the companion she needs and the source of her angst.

About the Directors

Maysaa Almumin was born in Kuwait, lived in the UK, and currently resides in Qatar. She is the writer, director, and producer of several short films, including ‘...And I Am Left Behind’, which was made in participation with Rithy Panh’s Doha Film Institute Documentary Lab in 2021, and ‘J’ai le Cafard’ (Bint Werdan), which was awarded production grants from the Arab Fund for Art and Culture and the Doha Film Institute, premiering at the 2020 Malmö Arab Film Festival in Sweden. Maysaa is also an actor and has performed in numerous short films made by up-and-coming Arab directors, including the award-winning ‘Sh’hab’ and ‘Black Veil’. Maysaa is currently developing her first feature film, ‘Good Grief’, which follows the story of a middle-aged unmarried Arab woman, attempting to exist on the margins of a conservative Arab society.


Maysaa Almumin
Maysaa Almumin
Eiman Mirghani
Sara Abdullah
Severin Favriau
Mostafa Sheshtawy
Emeline Aldeguer

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